Bathroom Remodeling – A New Master Bath “You Can Hang a Towel On”

Complete Bath Remodeling – Chicago, IL Suburbs

Client Profile and Need

Owners of a 45-year-old home in Chicago’s North Shore that did not want to move, but needed to expand their “closet-sized” master bath. The bathroom did not have room for two people at the same time, and also had no storage space. According to the client: “We couldn’t even hang a towel.”

Process and Challenges

Working closely with the clients, the Forde team:

  • Drew detailed plans designed to meet the client’s needs, expectations and budget
  • Went with the client to purchase the right materials, including faucets, fixtures, flooring, tile, lighting, etc.
  • Completed construction of the project in a timely manner

Unique challenges to this project:

  • Forde had to break through the outer walls to extend the exterior of the house, working around the chimney and roof line
  • The dry wall in the ceiling had to be replaced
  • There were numerous leaks in the plumbing that needed to be fixed


A new, larger bathroom including:

  • A roomier shower
  • Modern fixtures
  • A new vanity with built in soap dishes
  • Plentiful storage
  • A modern, updated look

Client Assessment

“This was Forde’s third project with us, so they were already a trusted contractor. Everything is top drawer in terms of the tile and material. It was a nice, thorough job and we are very pleased. We even have a place to hang a towel.”

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