Commercial Window Replacement – A Classic (and Award Winning) Restoration

Historic Building Renovation

Client Profile and Need

Jackson Shores Apartments, a 12-story, 20-apartment high rise built in 1917. It was initially designed by the renowned architectural firm Rapp & Rapp. At construction, it had 800 double-hung, cream-colored windows (cream-colored to match the brick). Over the years, triple track storm windows were installed, and the windows were painted black, detracting from the classic look. Additionally, since the storm windows opened only from the bottom, the top sash was painted shut. The Forde team was retained by the current architect – Grund & Reisterer Architects – to accomplish three goals: restore the windows to their original, classic look; make the windows more functional, durable and energy-efficient; and have the building listed in the National Historic Registry.

Process and Challenges

In executing the project, Forde faced the additional challenges of having to comply with new lead-safe practice laws, and the need to keep the owners of the building’s 20 units happy during the process. The Forde team:

  • Installed Marvin double hung wood windows
  • Painted the windows cream color to restore the original look
  • Used aluminum casings to enhance durability
  • Used insulated high efficiency glass to maximize energy efficiency
  • Complied with the law by using lead safe practices


  • The building has been restored to its original, classic look
  • Energy bills will be lower
  • The building now is in compliance with laws regarding lead safe practices
  • The building is registered in the National Registry
  • Forde won a National Contractor of the Year (COTY) Award for the project from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry

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