Window Replacement Company – Installing Marvin Windows in a Chicago Townhome

Residential Window Installation

Client Profile and Need

A single mother owner of a townhome in Chicago. The original windows, which were only 12-years old (not provided or installed by Forde) were poorer quality windows that were improperly installed.

Process and Challenges

Working closely with the client, the Forde team:

  • Prepared the townhome for the work by disconnecting the alarm system, taking down blinds, and even disassembling a desk by one of the windows
  • Selected Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows which;
    • Reflect heat inside the house in the winter and keep it out in the summer, providing greater comfort and lower energy costs (in fact, these windows are so energy efficient they qualified for a tax credit)
    • Include an aluminum coating that protects wood from moisture and decay, making the windows more durable (they can last 50 years)
  • Installed the windows properly. Specifically, the window sills were installed with the sills tilting down, so moisture would run off the sills instead of pooling
  • Cleaned up every day, and at the end of the job reconnected the alarm system, put up the blinds and reassembled the desk


  • Windows that could be opened and closed easily
  • Lower utility bills
  • Windows that do a better job keeping outside noise out
  • Peace of mind for the client knowing she does not have to worry about windows for decades

Client Assessment

“The old windows were leaking and the sills were rotting. I could not even open some of the windows. Plus, air was coming in, resulting in higher heating and cooling bills. Now, I can open my windows and get cross-breezes that make the townhouse much more comfortable. The Forde people did everything, and saved me time and money.”

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