Thinking About a Kitchen Remodeling Project?

With the holidays just around the corner (hard to believe – given the fact I am writing this with the temperature in the 90s), if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen and want it done by the holidays, the time to start is now.

There are dozens of things you should consider PRIOR to even beginning the demolition. But here are just a few to get you started.

  1. First, do not remodel the kitchen if the only reason you are doing it is because you are trying to sell your house. Yes, kitchen renovations are one of the best home improvement investments around. According to Remodeling Magazine, in the Chicago area, homeowners recoup 69% of the cost of a major kitchen remodel . But you are still not getting your full investment back. So remodel the kitchen for yourself.
  2. On the other hand, you don’t want to hurt the resale value with a kitchen that is out of place in your neighborhood. So check out the kitchens in the neighborhood and see what is appropriate. For example, if everybody has cherry cabinets with granite countertops, you don’t necessarily want to ride with the herd, but you don’t want to stray too far either. For example, you don’t want linoleum countertops.
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